Radford’s General District Court

Radford’ General District Court saw Thomas McQueen today as he pleaded not guilty to an alcohol ticket.  Police arrived in response to a noise complaint at McQueen’s residence on Davis St. in February.  When they arrived, police found that McQueen was arguing with another male on the front porch.  They told police that it was a heated discussion about Jesus.  McQueen was issued the noise violation and an underage ticket for alcohol.  Since then, McQueen has participated in the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program (VASAP) and community service.  Completing all mandatory hours of each, the judge concluded the trial with a $500 fine and suspended McQueen’s driver’s license for six months.

The next case heard was Michael Ray Brown’s, for failure to yield for three pedestrians on Tyler Avenue.  Brown argued fervently that he was not guilty, and accused the police officer of not being close enough to Brown’s car at the time to have fairly accused him of not yielding.  Brown claimed that the officer’s view was obstructed at that the pedestrians were not in danger.  After showing the judge the camera footage, the police officer reassured him that Brown was in the wrong, and the judge explained that the pedestrians were close enough to the car that Brown should have indeed stopped to let them pass.  The judge told Brown that he understood his position, but found him guilty of observing the traffic sign.

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