Buchanan County v. Equitable Production Company

Judge Jones resided over Buchanan County v. Equitable Production Company, where he denied Buchanan’s motion to send the case to state court.

The case, which took place on March 28, 2011, was based on the county’s complaint that Equitable Production Company, Equitable Resources, Inc., and EQT Production Company (collectively referred to as “EQT”) were allegedly calculating less tax money owed to the county than was correct.

Buchanan County argued that the case should be heard in a state court based on the Tax Injunction Act, which claims that district courts shall not interfere with assessment of tax collections under state law that could be better handled in state courts. The county believed that federal jurisdiction in this matter was improper.

Judge Jones, using the opinion in DIRECTV, Inc. v. Tolson in 2008, which allowed federal jurisdiction in state tax laws, denied Buchanan County’s wishes.

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