The Bills

During this year’s assembly, Delegate Dave Albo acted as the Chief Patron for 15 bills, five of which were passed by both the House and Senate.  “I introduced all the bills I can to make sure my constituents are heard down here in Richmond,” Albo said.

The first of Albo’s bills to be passed was HB1476: Sexual abuse; limitations period.  The purpose of this bill was to extend the amount of time action can be taken against sexual abuse from two years to 20 years.  Albo stressed the importance of this bill to allow victims of sexual abuse more time to act against their attackers.  The bill was passed without opposition.

Nine of Albo’s bills made it to the Senate at “crossover day.” At that time, in addition to HB1476, his bill regarding homestead exemptions, tax collections, medical malpractice, and disposition of driver’s licenses were passed.

Another idea that has emerged is Governor McDonnell’s promotion of privatizing ABC stores.  To this point, the liquor stores have been government owned, and McDonnell believes that the stores should be sold, and the money should be put towards transportation.

“I can see it both ways,” said Radford University Junior, Kirsten Carbray when told about the plan and what it might mean for Virginians, “I don’t think it would really make that much of a difference though.”

For those interested in convenience of purchasing alcohol, McDonnell’s plan sounds promising, with a possibility of more stores and later hours, but with that comes the fear that more alcohol, means more alcohol-related problems.

“I don’t think it would cause many more problems,” said RU Senior, Julian Riani. “If people are going to drink and get in trouble, they’re going to do it regardless of who owns the liquor stores.”

At this time, it doesn’t appear McDonnell’s idea will be progressing.

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