Search Warrants in Radford

A search warrant was obtained for 1908 Third Street in Radford, Virginia on January 12, 2011.  Police were advised to search the residence for methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia, money, records pertaining to the possession of illegal or illicit drugs, owe sheets, photographs, and computers or other electronics pertaining to the possession of illegal or illicit drugs.

The search took place the same day and was issued to the resident in person.  In searching the property, police found a spoon covered in residue, a snort tube, two plastic baggies with white powder residue, a silver container with white powder residue, 14 syringes, pieces of foil with burn residue, and a paper snort tube.

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Radford’s General District Court

Radford’ General District Court saw Thomas McQueen today as he pleaded not guilty to an alcohol ticket.  Police arrived in response to a noise complaint at McQueen’s residence on Davis St. in February.  When they arrived, police found that McQueen was arguing with another male on the front porch.  They told police that it was a heated discussion about Jesus.  McQueen was issued the noise violation and an underage ticket for alcohol.  Since then, McQueen has participated in the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program (VASAP) and community service.  Completing all mandatory hours of each, the judge concluded the trial with a $500 fine and suspended McQueen’s driver’s license for six months.

The next case heard was Michael Ray Brown’s, for failure to yield for three pedestrians on Tyler Avenue.  Brown argued fervently that he was not guilty, and accused the police officer of not being close enough to Brown’s car at the time to have fairly accused him of not yielding.  Brown claimed that the officer’s view was obstructed at that the pedestrians were not in danger.  After showing the judge the camera footage, the police officer reassured him that Brown was in the wrong, and the judge explained that the pedestrians were close enough to the car that Brown should have indeed stopped to let them pass.  The judge told Brown that he understood his position, but found him guilty of observing the traffic sign.

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Judge Jones Talks Social Security

On April 18 and 19, 2011, Judge Jones oversaw three court cases versus Michael J. Astrue, the Commissioner of Social Security.

The first was brought by Jeannie M. Marshall, who challenged that the decision of the Commissioner to deny her claims for more security income benefits under provisions of the Social Security Act.

Marshall, 31, sought a disability determination based on both her physical and mental limitations.  Although it was found that she did, indeed, suffer from these, she still had the capability to perform jobs available within the economy.  Siding with Asture, Judge Jones found that Marshall should be denied the benefits.

In the next case, James M. Stanley was denied his claim for disability insurance benefits and an increase in security income.  At the age of 28 in 2006, Stanley filed for the benefits based on his high blood pressure, depression, obesity, hypertension, and dyslexia.  He claimed that due to these impairments, he was offered limited education, inability to read and write, and borderline retardation.

After reviewing Stanley’s doctors and test records, the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) determined that Stanley had the residual functional capacity to perform medium exertion work, as long as his mental limitations were taken into account. With more research provided, it was discovered that there were over 80,000 jobs that he would be able to do.  Concluding the hearing, Judge Jones affirmed the Commissioner’s decision to deny Stanley benefits.

In the third social security hearing, Judge Jones did not side with the Commissioner.  Ronnie Edwards also filed for disability insurance benefits and an increase in social security income benefits due to his arthritic degenerating discs, heart problems, carpal tunnel, and numbness in his right leg.

The ALJ found that Edwards suffered from minimal limitations in his ability to work.  Edwards argued that this decision was not supported by substantial evidence, which led Judge Jones to send the case back for recalculation and payment of benefits to Edwards.

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Roanoke Police Department Investigates Vehicle Vandalisms

There is an ongoing investigation in response to 23 incidents of vehicle vandalism that took place on April 17, 2011.  Officers first responded to a call on the 3800 block of Shady Lawn Avenue.  The car had been sprayed with white spray paint.

After patrolling the area and receiving more calls from victims, police found the 23 cars on Sunrise Avenue, Cedarhurst Avenue, Round Hill Avenue, Oakland Boulevard, Broad Street, Clarendon Avenue, and Richland Avenue all vandalized.  No arrests have been made.

Click here to read the police release.

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Roanoke Police Department Investigates Attempted Robbery

Alan Wiley Wright, 49, of Roanoke suffered a gunshot wound when he allegedly was approached by two suspects demanding money on April 14, 2011.  Wright had parked at the intersection of 2nd Street and Mountain Avenue and was walking to a convenience store on 2nd Street and Elm Avenue.  The suspects, who Wright described as two black males, approached him while he was walking back to his vehicle.

After Wright was shot, he told police that he was able to run back to his car, drive home, and then drive to the hospital.  Police met him there. No arrests have been made.

Click here to read the police release.

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Roanoke Crime Stats

In analyzing the crime releases by the Roanoke Police Department for the month of March, a few specific patterns and trends have emerged.

Not that unexpected, two larceny crimes occurred on Valley View Boulevard, where the mall is located.  A story could be done on what the mall is doing to prevent theft, or how or why these crimes occurred and if the suspects have been found.

A more unexpected piece of this puzzle, however, is the two homicides that occurred on Roanoke Avenue, just three days apart from one another.  Crimes of this magnitude should not be taking place so frequently, let alone on the same street. In addition to those homicides, the first homicide of the month took place just one day before the Roanoke Avenue incidents.

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Roanoke Police Department Investigates Robbery From Person

A woman was assaulted and robbed of her purse on Gilmer Avenue at 4 in the afternoon on April 11, 2011.  The victim claims that she was walking when she was attacked by a black male, approximately 20-years-old, wearing an orange shirt and gray shorts.  Police searched the area but were not able to locate the suspect.

Click here to read the police release.

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